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Many people facing addiction develop dependence. When this occurs, a person may face difficulty stopping their use of drugs and alcohol without feeling intense pain, illness, insomnia, and other types of physical symptoms. Cravings can be very excessive as well. The type of withdrawal symptoms experienced will vary from one type of drug to the next. Also, things like the amount of time you’ve used the drug to the amount you use also play a role in this.

There are some drugs noted for their more potent and higher risk withdrawal symptoms. It is critical for you to pay close attention to these. At Addiction Recovery Centers, we work closely with you to ensure your needs are met and that withdrawal symptoms do not hold you back.

The Most Common Drugs with Withdrawal Symptoms

Some drugs cause intense withdrawal symptoms. These symptoms may make it very hard for you to avoid using again. Take a look at the most potent.


Opioids are central nervous system drugs. They impact the way your body experiences pain signals. Heroin, fentanyl, and others all create a high as well as a sense of pain relief. That is why many of these opioids are prescription drugs. When a person begins to use opioids, the pain relief can be quick and long lasting. At the same time, when a person stops using them, the onset of withdrawal symptoms is often very fast as well.

Withdrawal can begin 12 hours after the last dose. Additionally, they can make you feel as though you are violently ill. They can also cause other types of symptoms, including irregular heartbeats and intense pain.


Those who take cocaine may also find that the withdrawal symptoms are intense. They can range widely in terms of intensity, but because this is a powerful stimulant, a person can feel very different if they stop taking the drugs. What’s more, many people begin to feel these symptoms right away since the cocaine experience only lasts a few minutes.

Cocaine withdrawal symptoms can begin within hours of the last dose. They may also create depression, anxiety, nightmares, and agitation. Sometimes the cravings can be so severe they lead to psychosis.


Withdrawing from meth use is also very challenging. The drug is a type of man-made stimulant. Many people use it for a period of time (binging it) and then will crash for several days. When the drug wears off, a person can feel violently ill, and they may experience intense depression or anxiety. It may also cause a person to have difficulty sleeping, and they may develop an inability to feel pleasure without the substances.


Benzos are often prescribed for seizures and other medical conditions like insomnia because of how effective they can be. Some people use benzos illicitly, hoping to get the high from them. In either case, addiction and dependence can form to these substances. The withdrawal symptoms of benzos can also be very intense, often leading to severe anxiety, psychosis, and in some cases, seizures. Benzos are so worrisome that many people should not stop taking them without the help of a doctor to ween them off.


Alcohol may not seem like a problematic drug, but it can be very difficult for people to stop using it. When they do, especially after using it for a long time, they may suffer headaches, feeling ill, depression, and the onset of physical ailments. Over time, this can create numerous health challenges, and in some cases, relapse is likely to occur.

Are You Facing Addiction?

If you are like many people who have an addiction to any of these substances, know that treatment can be effective. More so, there are often treatments that can help you avoid the onset of addiction withdrawal symptoms. That includes medications that can help to break cravings right away.

If you are looking for help to stop using these substances, seek out Addiction Recovery Centers. Our team wants to provide you with the tools and resources you need to stop using any substance. You can overcome the challenge of withdrawal symptoms in our safe, comprehensive detox program. Reach out to us today to learn more.