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People have this notion that those struggling with alcohol use disorder are always out drinking, getting into trouble and have completely neglected their responsibilities. Not many realize, however, that there are individuals who struggle with alcohol abuse but still manage to maintain a job, keep their responsibilities, and even get promoted at work.

Such people are considered high-functioning alcoholics because they are still generally productive (functioning). But just like any other individuals with a drinking problem, they need help from us at Addiction Recovery Centers which is one of the leading residential treatment centers in Phoenix.

Signs of a High-Functioning Alcoholic

If you are suspecting that your loved one has a problem with alcohol, but he kept insisting otherwise, it won’t hurt to make sure. Whether you admit it or not, you can still tell something is amiss even though your loved one explains that he is only drinking for socialization purposes or for relieving stress.

While it is more difficult to pinpoint the problem especially when you suspect that your loved one is a high-functioning alcoholic, there are always warning signs that can tell you if he has a drinking problem such as the following:

  • He appears to be overthinking about where he will get his next drink, so he is always having a nightcap in bars or frequenting social events that serve alcoholic beverages.
  • He is having difficulty controlling his alcohol intake even though he said that he would stop drinking.
  • He shares about experiencing blackouts.
  • His behavior is very different when he gets drunk compared when he is sober.
  • He always mentions how he is drinking to relieve stress, to celebrate, or as a reward for a job well done. In other words, he always has a “valid” excuse for drinking.
  • He appears to have no appetite for food and prefers drinking instead.
  • He hides bottles of alcohol because he doesn’t want anyone to know that he’s drinking more than he’s admitting.

Getting Help for a High-Functioning Alcoholic

If your loved one is exhibiting any or all signs mentioned above, it is best for them to seek treatment immediately. While they may appear to have their life together, it wouldn’t be long before everything starts falling apart as their alcohol abuse disorder get more serious.

While many addiction residential treatment centers in Phoenix promise the moon, only a few of them has the experience and therapeutic strategies to deliver excellent results. We, at Addiction Recovery Centers, have helped numerous alcohol-addicted individuals get their happy and healthy life back because of our comprehensive recovery program. We are a leader in Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT), and we base our treatment plan on the recovery needs of our clients.

Our team of addiction specialists knows that every treatment journey is unique, which is why we do not apply a “one-size-fits-all” approach. Our addiction center is committed to providing not only comfortable and compassionate treatment but highly individualized and scientifically-based as well. Allow us to help your loved one get his life back on the proper course.

Residential Treatment Centers Phoenix