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Twelve-time Olympic medalist Ryan Lochte has reportedly battled alcohol abuse for years and experienced many incidents related to heavy alcohol use. After a recent alcohol-related incident at a Newport Beach hotel, Lochte has decided to pursue counseling for alcohol abuse as he continues training for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Though the 34-year-old American swimmer is now receiving counseling, he won’t be staying at an alcohol rehab center to fully recover from his addiction.

Lochte’s Last Drinking Incident in Newport Beach

In the early morning hours on October 4, 2018, just hours after attending an event for his swimsuit sponsor, an intoxicated Lochte was reported trying to kick in the door of his Newport Beach hotel room. Hotel security responded to the scene by calling the police, but Lochte was able to avoid an arrest by smoothing things over with hotel staff. The following week, Lochte’s attorney Jeff Ostrow announced that the swimmer was seeking professional help in the form of alcohol addiction counseling.

Lochte’s History with Alcohol Abuse

The Newport Beach hotel incident isn’t the first time Lochte has been in the public eye for alcohol abuse and intoxication. During the 2016 Olympic games in Rio de Janeiro, Lochte falsely claimed that local civilians who were dressed as police had held him at gunpoint. Later on, the swimmer admitted he had been drunk at the time and embellished the story. Ostrow recently spoke on Lochte’s behalf saying that the athlete wants his family and friends to be proud of him, and doesn’t want to repeat bad decisions related to substance abuse that has haunted him in recent years.

Why Counseling Isn’t Always Enough to Overcome Addiction

Lochte is now receiving substance abuse counseling at an outpatient drug rehab center so he can devote ample time to swimming and training. However, people who struggle with a long-term addiction like Lochte often need much more than counseling to overcome their substance use disorder and benefit from long-term abstinence and recovery.

Alcohol addiction can be effectively treated in full using alcohol detox and behavior therapies such as cognitive-behavioral therapy, substance abuse education, family therapy, and relapse prevention training. These treatments address the root cause of addiction and help people change their lifestyles in positive ways to reduce the risk for relapse. While outpatient rehab may benefit those who must also manage professional careers, inpatient rehab is often more beneficial for people like Lochte who need help recovering from years of addiction.

Getting Help for Addiction Today

Addiction can lead to a number of serious health consequences like organ failure and mental illness, and can eventually ruin your career, family life, and overall well-being when left untreated. Seeking professional addiction treatment today can help you safely overcome alcohol dependence and benefit from an abstinent, healthier lifestyle.

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