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The ARC Difference

Addiction Recovery Centers provides a combination of non-addictive medication and counseling which enables patients to re-establish control over their lives. Our programs can reduce or potentially eliminate overwhelming cravings of alcohol / substance use by providing the medical support and personal skills needed to successfully confront the stressors of early recovery.

Like all chronic illnesses, superior recovery outcomes are a result of the combination of behavioral modification and medications. With this belief as the cornerstone of our programming, our clinical staff is able to assess each patient while honoring their unique experiences to develop an individualized treatment program. Our programs aim to provide a thoroughly comprehensive treatment plan for every patient, offering them a meaningful chance at successful recovery in the outpatient setting.

We help create and encourage participation in a support network in which the patient is most comfortable. For a treatment experience which has shown that those patients who commit to and complete this science-based, comprehensive program have a high chance of lasting recovery call 855-393- 4673 (HOPE)

The medical/pharmacologic aspect of recovery is an integral and vital component to eliminate cravings and contribute to a significantly improved chance of success, which is often overlooked by other addiction treatment programs. We not only provide medicines to allow the body to safely and comfortably detoxify from the physical dependence of alcohol and opioids, but we address the compulsive physical cravings that linger for many months (or years) after cessation. For help with cravings, call now 855-393- 4673 (HOPE)



Each program includes private and confidential counseling. With cravings virtually eliminated, patients can be present, focused and participate actively in their recovery. Each client receives one-hour private sessions with a licensed therapist who will work in conjunction with their personal recovery coach, patient advocate and our clinical and medical staff. Understanding that most people have busy lives with many responsibilities, these private and personal sessions can be done in person, over the phone or via Skype (whichever is most convenient for the patient, although we encourage face-to- face sessions). For patients living outside of Southern Nevada or the Phoenix Metro area, Addiction Recovery Centers will arrange for in-person private counseling in your home city if preferred, over the phone or Skype sessions.



To further help prevent relapse, each client is assigned their own Patient Advocate at their enrollment in Addiction Recovery Centers Recovery Programs. This advocate is available to coordinate client care, assist in appointments, offer resources and ensure continuity in care for the entirety of the program. Our advocates are trained and passionate about providing the highest level of individualized treatment for each client and their support system. To find out more about the success of Medication Assisted Treatment, call 855-910-5918 (HOPE).



ADDICTION RECOVERY CENTERS aims to provide a setting and team that can provide each patient with all of the resources one needs to be successful in recovery and prevent relapse. We find that the added support of a close friend or family member can be helpful as part of this team. If desired, and appropriate, it may be beneficial to include this contact in part to some counseling sessions. This helps to educate and provide tips on how to be a responsible team member as it is unique to each individual. To find out more call 855-910-5918 (HOPE).

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