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Whether you’ve made the decision to look for an inpatient drug rehab center yourself or you’re in the search for a great rehab facility for a family member, there are a lot of things to consider.

Not every rehab center in Arizona is made equally, and some will offer better quality care than others.  Below we’ll tell you exactly what you should look for in a quality inpatient drug rehab center.

1. Choose the Right Location

When choosing a drug rehab center it’s also important to think critically about its location. In Arizona, you’ll want to decide whether you want to find a rehab center that is close to home or whether you want to find one that is a bit further away.

One that is close to home will be more convenient for family members who want to visit.  On the other hand, choosing a center that is too close to the addict’s previous environment could make it harder for them to break away from old habits.

While a center that is a bit further away can be less convenient in some ways, it may also be the best choice in some cases. It may help an addict more easily move on from their old lifestyle.

2. Consider the Length of Stay

When searching for a great inpatient rehab center, you’ll also want to think about the length of the stay carefully. Lengths for rehab programs are usually at least 30 days but can be as much as 60 days, 90 days or more in length.

There are many lengths available and each person’s needs are different, so make sure to look for the program that’s right for your unique situation.

A longer program is typically a better choice and will give addicts an adequate amount of time to break free from old habits and create new ones.

3. Check For Professional Accreditation and Certifications

Similarly to schools and other institutions, drug rehab centers can also be accredited. The center that you choose should be accredited and should have other certifications that prove their professionalism and expertise.

The right certifications and accreditation can say a lot about a rehab center. Centers that have certifications and professional accreditation have proven that they have the tools and experience to effectively help drug addicts with their recovery.

4. Find Out About Treatment Approaches

When considering a rehab facility, you’ll also want to learn a bit about their treatment approaches and how they go about the rehabilitation process.

Many drug rehab centers will make use of a variety of techniques and tools to treat patients such as therapy and medication.

If there is a particular kind of treatment you’re interested in, you’ll want to ask the rehab center what they offer. Different treatments may work best for different people, so find out what you can expect before choosing a rehab program.

5. Ask About Specialties and Additional Treatments

Different drug addictions and conditions will require different treatment styles and approaches for rehabilitation.

You’ll want to learn about any rehab center you’re considering and make sure they have the skills and expertise to help with any specific problems you’re experiencing. Alcohol abuse, for example, may require a somewhat different approach than a drug addiction will.

There may also be cases where a patient is struggling with a dual diagnosis and have another condition in addition to their addiction.

If you have any special requirements, make sure that you find out whether the center that you’re considering can help.

6. Know Your Lifestyle Requirements

Another important thing you’ll want to think about when looking for an inpatient drug rehab center is the kind of lifestyle and amenities you can expect from your stay.

Since you’ll be a resident in the center for a month or more it’s important that it has an atmosphere that you’ll be comfortable with. Many facilities will have a variety of extracurricular activities, sports, or classes that you can participate in.

These offerings can make your stay much more enjoyable.

The amenities and living arrangements that an inpatient drug rehab center have will vary greatly so make sure that you find out what to expect before choosing a program.

7. Determine Family Involvement Options

You’ll also want to find out if a drug rehab center that you’re considering is geared towards family involvement or not. Many centers will encourage family visits and will have options for family members to spend time with the patient and to learn more about their addiction.

It may be good to look for a center that has family counseling options. Family counseling can help both family members and the addict to have a smoother time going through the rehabilitation process.

Choosing the Right Inpatient Drug Rehab Center

If you’re looking for an inpatient drug rehab center in Arizona it’s important that you evaluate your options thoroughly.

Make sure you’re picking a facility that you know will be professional and provide great care. By choosing the best inpatient drug rehab you’ll have the best chance of you or your family making a full recovery.

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