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Arizona serves as a gateway for 40% of all drugs entering the U.S. from Mexico. Additionally, approximately 10% of residents aged 12 and above abuse alcohol. Most alarmingly, however, is the fact that more than 50% of the state’s residents have reported using prescription opioids as their primary medicine. Fortunately, there is help free help for anyone struggling with addiction.

Here is an overview of three helpful resources supported by local governments and NGOs:

Arizona Substance Abuse Prevention Resource

The Governor’s office has a public website that offers a wide range of resources to help with all kinds of addiction. The Arizona Substance Abuse Prevention Resource offers links to state-funded and NGO-funded addiction help programs.

Some of the resources available here include links to drug rehabilitation centers, helplines for suicide prevention, mental health services, opioid substance referral sites, the Arizona Department of Health Services, and more. The site also has a live newsfeed of articles related to recovery from addiction.

AA & NA Meetings across Arizona

Connecting with other addicts, people recovering from addiction, and professional counselors is a great motivation for cleaning up. Alcoholics Anonymous (A.A.) and Narcotics Anonymous (N.A.) meetings offer an excellent platform to find communal and one-on-one support. They bring together people looking to turn their lives around and get sober, just like you, and you will be surprised by how encouraging the experience is.

There are ongoing A.A. and N.A. meetings all across Arizona. Local chapters are easy to find, even from a quick search on the internet. One especially resourceful platform, A.A. Phoenix, offers links to hundreds of local chapters all over the state.

Alcohol Services across Arizona

Checking into a rehabilitation center would mark a significant step towards a drug-free future. It doesn’t have to cost you anything, either, as dozens of free rehab centers are funded by NGOs and local governments. These centers are scattered all across the state, and they offer help with a wide range of addictions. They also have a positive reputation.

You can easily find a free rehab center near you by doing a quick search online.  Alcohol Services is especially resourceful, as it offers a list of rehab centers across in many states including Arizona with links and detailed information about the drug and alcohol services offered.

Begin Your Transformation

Recovering from addiction may seem and feel difficult, but it is worth every effort. It is also easier when there is ready support, and there are lots of free resources across Arizona. These three should serve as good stepping stones towards a drug-free future.