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Tricare Drug Rehab

If you need urgent high-end treatment for your substance addiction, we welcome you to Addiction Recovery Centers! It’s no surprise for anyone that substance addiction is a devastating disorder that’s notoriously difficult to treat. This is why you can’t get specialized assistance in hospitals since the staff is neither properly equipped nor qualified for the job.

If you’re looking for a life-changing Tricare drug rehab, you need to come to our center today. It’s not easy to get full insurance coverage for all the rehab services you need. We offer a comprehensive set of rehab programs and procedures, as part of a life-defining drug rehab treatment.

No matter the substance you’re using, drug addiction will always lead to the same outcome – physiological, social, and personal ruination. We have built our treatment around three key concepts – stabilization, improvement, reconstruction.


The treatment begins the moment you set foot in our facility, with the preliminary clinical assessment as the first step in the process. The clinician will analyze your medical history and clinical status to extract vital data about the substance your using, the symptoms, the severity of the disorder, etc. The next step in line involves targeted medication and detoxification with the purpose of:

  • Eliminating the cravings
  • Stabilizing your mental functioning and emotional display
  • Restoring the chemical balance in the nervous system
  • Restore the normal functionality of the opioid receptors in the brain
  • Flushing the drugs out the organism
  • Reducing the impact of the withdrawal, etc.

Our Tricare drug rehab also includes dual-diagnosis treatment in case you display symptoms of co-occurring disorders. Chances are you do since most victims of aggravated substance addiction end up developing at least one co-occurring mental disease. The treatment involves medication, behavioral therapies, and private and group counseling among other procedures.


This stage often advances in parallel with the first one, as it involves physiological reparations and mental strengthening. We have a brilliant on-site chef to serve you nutritious meals daily, as the physicians will ensure you stay physically and mentally fit. During this phase, you will slowly regain your energy and strength, as you participate in a variety of holistic programs and activities like:

  • Mindfulness and guided visualization
  • Pet and art therapy
  • Energy balancing
  • Drumming and rhythmic therapies
  • Guided meditation
  • Experiential and recreational therapies
  • Nature-centered recreational activities
  • Advanced behavioral therapies
  • Individual counseling and group therapy sessions

This stage will mark the beginning of a life-changing transformation endeavor. You will slowly acquire more self-esteem, and become more positive, confident, and self-aware. It is a process of moral and spiritual maturity.


Once we have succeeded in repelling the addiction, the reconstruction is the next logical step. We promote education and self-improvement as the key factors contributing to a life of sobriety and personal accomplishment. Under our counselor’s guide, you will learn how to avoid social triggers, improve your lifestyle, and grow more responsible and successful in life.

Come to Addiction Recovery Centers and join our Tricare drug rehab today! Now is not the time to surrender – fight and you will succeed!