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Both drug addiction and alcoholism are incredibly devastating long-term. You only chance for salvation begins here, at, Addiction Recovery Centers, in some of the most advanced treatment centers in Phoenix, AZ.

Self-help for addiction

Most people believe that the notion of self-help refers to taking matters into your own hands and dealing with addiction at home, without the need for professional assistance. That’s a myth because substance addiction is a vastly complex mental disorder, progressive and chronic in nature. You cannot deal with it alone since self-medication is generally ineffective and dangerous.

Instead, we advise you to contact our experts as soon as you begin noticing any symptoms of withdrawal. We will assist you in dealing with the disease fast and effectively, allowing you to recover and remain sober long-term. During the treatment, we will also teach you the principles of self-help, which you will use for the rest of your life.

How to defeat addiction?

To overcome your addiction for good, you need to undergo a life-changing transformation process. Everything will change for you once you join our rehabilitation and recovery program. Our holistic approach will take you through a treatment consisting of a multitude of procedures, each designed to deal with different aspects of the disease.

The only way to defeat addiction is to target its causes; carve out the roots of the disease. To achieve that, we will take you through one of the most comprehensive rehab programs available, which relies on a multi-disciplinary approach for the best results. With our help, you will regain your mental and physiological independence, enabling you to control the disorder and embrace sobriety as a lifestyle.

How does the rehab program work?

The rehabilitation program consists of several short and long-term strategies, including:

Medical detoxification – Relying on targeted medication to cleanse your body, control and eliminate the withdrawal, and prevent the short-term relapse.

Medication-assisted dual-diagnosis – Dealing with co-occurring disorders is paramount for ensuring a safe and consistent recovery cycle. At our treatment centers in Phoenix, AZ, our experts offer extensive clinical and psychiatric assistance for a variety of disorders, including anxiety, PTSD, and depression.

Behavioral and emotional therapies – Motivational interviewing, cognitive-behavioral therapy, and multi-dimensional family therapy are just some of the procedures that will contribute to your recovery. Becoming mentally and emotionally stable will allow you to fight the compulsive behavior on your own terms.

Long-term relapse prevention planning and social reintegration – We want to help you remain sober and healthy over the years, and that’s where our counselors come in. Under their guidance, you will learn how to create your own future, as you will take control of your destiny completely.

Is rehab safe?

The rehabilitation process is 100% safe when performed under the supervision of experienced medical professionals. Our treatment centers in Phoenix, AZ, are the go-to facilities for everyone struggling with substance addiction or co-occurring disorders.

If someone you love, or even yourself, have fallen victim to addiction, contact us, at Addiction Recovery Centers today! Verify your insurance, keep your hopes high, make an appointment, and your life will never be the same again!