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Substance Abuse Treatment Phoenix AZ

The bias against people suffering from substance addiction is still going strong to this day. That’s because most people don’t understand how addiction works. At Addiction Recovery Centers, we offer you a friendly and relaxing environment to recover and heal. Here, we don’t judge anyone – we know you have no way of controlling your urges or self-medicate your way out of your problems.

Join our substance abuse treatment in Phoenix, AZ, today and everything will change for you! The first mistake people do about substance abuse is to underestimate its effects. Binge drinking is just as dangerous as regular drug abuse because it forces your body to remap its chemical functioning. You will become addicted before realizing it.

Getting out is an entirely different story. After decades of experience in drug and alcohol rehabilitation, we’ve realized that the solution to a life-changing rehab experience is neither easy nor simple. We have adopted a different approach than most rehab facilities, focusing on proven long-term benefits as the underlying goal. To achieve that goal, we use a combination of multi-disciplinary procedures, including:

Personalized detoxification – The detox process is a given in most cases of substance rehabilitation, as it is the most effective way of cleansing the body of toxins, and restoring your brain’s normal chemical functioning. Following the detox process, you will regain your mental and emotional balance, and begin your road to recovery, while under the strict supervision of our clinicians.

Dual-diagnosis medical support – Co-occurring disorders are a widespread problem with most victims of substance addiction. During the substance abuse treatment in Phoenix, AZ, we offer advanced medical treatment, including medication and psychotherapeutic support, for most co-occurring disorders. This will not only speed up your recovery but ensure the success of the rehab program potentially for a lifetime as well.

Psychotherapies and holistic healing – Your mental integrity is just as important as your physical status. The human body is an intricate system where every part communicates with all the others. What affects your body will inevitably affect your mind, behavior, emotional display, and spirit as well. We offer a variety of psychotherapies and recreative activities to restore the harmony between them, including art therapy, energy balancing, meditation, nature-centered activities, etc.

Education and learning – The more you know yourself, the easier it will become to control your future. At our center, we have an army of experts dedicated to imbuing you with their knowledge. Here, you will learn crucial strategies related to relapse prevention, life skills, and personal development, all designed to help you evolve, spiritually and morally as well.

Our substance abuse treatment in Phoenix, AZ, is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to discover who you truly are. It promotes introspection and self-knowledge, as you dive into the heart of who you are and what you expect to achieve in life. And we hope to see you coming to our center soon.

At Addiction Recovery Centers, we promote happiness, health, and freedom. Contact us today, and you’ll learn how to look at the world through the eyes of a survivor!