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Rehab Centers

At Addiction Recovery Centers, we invite you to discover a new facet of life that you had no idea existed. Our rehab centers offer people like you with the opportunity to put order in their lives and regain their hope and happiness.

How do you deal with addictions?

If you have already become addicted to a type of drug, you need to contact our specialists right away! While prevention remains the most reliable anti-addiction strategy, once it sets in, your options will fall drastically. You can’t hope to control it yourself, since self-treatments are both ineffective and dangerous, and you can’t settle for any rehab facility. When it comes to substance addiction, especially the more aggravated cases, you need expert assistance.

You can only treat your addiction in a highly controlled environment, preferably through a residential or inpatient program. You need to be under permanent supervision since the rehabilitation process will leave you physically and mentally vulnerable. Our experts will ensure the success of the recovery strategy, so long as you remain focused on your goals.

What happens in rehab?

The goal of the rehabilitation treatment is to restore your control over your behavior and cognitive functioning. During the rehab, you will participate in numerous recovery programs, including:

Clinical substance detox – The detoxification process relies on targeted medication to control the symptoms of withdrawal and stabilize your condition. Our experts will help flush the substance from your system and allow you to recover fast with long-lasting benefits.

Dual-diagnosis treatment – Our rehab centers offer dual-diagnosis treatment and psychotherapeutic support in case you show signs of co-occurring disease. Here we include affections like OCD, bipolar disorder, depression, anxiety disorders, etc.

Therapies and emotional trauma healing – In many situations, the factors leading one to the path of substance abuse are psychological in nature. People have gone through traumatic events in life, whether it’s losing someone dear to them or suffering physical or mental abuse. We qualify in dealing with these issues as part of the long-term recovery process.

Relapse prevention – Education is a vital part of the relapse prevention strategy, as it allows you to avoid the social and personal triggers that may revive your bad habits. Our goal is to help you remain sober for good, and we have a team of clinicians, counselors, and health professionals ready to assist you with that.

Is addiction curable?

The closest-to-the-truth answer is ‘it depends.’ It is not curable in the classic sense of the word, in the sense that it can always return in full force. However, unlike other diseases, you can prevent that with 100% efficiency, and we’ll show you how. So long as you adopt a healthier lifestyle and work on your personal life values, you will have nothing to worry about.

Substance addiction is preventable and, at our rehab centers, you will learn how to remain sober even when life tests you along the way. Contact us, at Addiction Recovery Centers, and choose a better path for you and your family!