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Problems between couples are normal. In fact, it’s healthy to have problems once in a while. If not fixed immediately, problems between couples create barrier and distance. And if you haven’t spoken with your significant other for a while and noticed a lot of changes in his behavior, it could be a possibility that your spouse may be suffering from substance dependency.

Living with a substance-dependent is as tricky as it can get. It’s like living with a time bomb, and you’ll never know when they will implode and do bad things to satisfy their addiction. Rehab centers in Arizona have always advised residents to seek help immediately to prevent major problems from happening. And if you are living right next to a user, things could be dangerous for both of you. Preventing it from happening is one thing but how do you know if your spouse is addicted to drugs?

Spotting Behavioural Changes Caused By Addiction

Addiction causes behavioral changes regardless of what substance they are addicted to. The first thing you will notice is their sleeping pattern which starts to change. Drug users may tend to stay awake longer or much worse; they don’t get to sleep at all. If the usual nights together become so distant that you find yourself alone most of the time, it might be because of the sleep deprivation caused by drugs.

Cocaine, amphetamine, and heroine reduces the time of sleep and causes changes to sleep states. Alcohol addiction, however, focuses on behavioral change as people tend to stay up late or have some alone time to enjoy a good drink.

Another thing thrown into the mix is their eating habits. Alcohol and drug abuse may lead to eating disorders. It is something that can be spotted easily. Cooking their favorite food might have not the same effect as before if they are inducing drugs. Taste buds start to feel numb, and food would be less appetizing. Drug and alcohol abuse also affect metabolism. Too much intake of alcohol stores calories that would require rigorous workout to burn. If your spouse is having problems getting off the couch because of his enormous belly, then it’s about time to convince them to drop the bottle.

Addiction Leads to Unhappiness

Drug abuse also disrupts the natural process of producing dopamine. Dopamine is the chemical responsible for transmitting signals from your nerve to the brain. These would result in a loss of interest in doing any activity. Even the most basic thing like taking a bath or doing chores would be a challenge for drug users. They will be highly reliant on drugs to produce dopamine and would feel depressed and lethargic if not induced.

Asking help from rehab centers in Arizona will help you determine if your spouse is really into illegal substance use and abuse. If you’ve noticed a big difference in your spouse’ attitude and behavior, or if you’ve witnessed them do drugs. Help them get off the habit by calling our rehab centers in Arizona. You can reach out to Addiction Recovery Centers at (855) 910-5918 or email at hope@addictionrecoverycenter.com.