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Phoenix Treatment Center

Finding a reliable rehab facility is trickier than it might seem. Not all rehab centers are equipped to deal with all forms and degrees of substance addiction. At Addiction Recovery Centers, we have devised the optimal rehabilitation strategy that will change your life today.

If you suspect that you’ve already fallen victim to addiction, now is the time to act. Substance addiction is a progressive illness, which means that the longer you wait, to faster the condition will aggravate. Come to our Phoenix treatment center to begin the detoxification process immediately!

Contrary to what most people believe, the rehabilitation process doesn’t have to be excruciatingly painful and uncomfortable. That only happens during self-detox or when participating in unprofessional, subpar rehab programs. We operate under different standards. We’re not only interested in providing you the best rehab services, but in ensuring long-term sobriety and comfort as well.

The detox-and-recovery system we’re using relies on:

Advanced patient-oriented detoxification

The first stage in the rehab process is the medical detoxification. Overcoming the withdrawal is a must in your quest for freedom, health, and happiness. To ensure the success of the procedure, we perform an extensive preliminary assessment for all patients, upon their arrival at our facility.

During this step, the doctor will gather data about your medical profile, revealing critical information about your addiction, mental state, clinical history, etc. The next step relies on using the information to create a personalized detoxification plan meant to:

  • Cleanse the organism of toxins
  • Stabilize your physiological functioning
  • Restore the brain’s normal chemical balance
  • Alleviate the discomfort during the withdrawal stage
  • Eliminate the cravings
  • Promote increased comfort and wellbeing, etc.

Dual-Diagnosis support

Studies show that the majority of the victims of substance addiction display signs of at least one co-occurring disorder. In many cases, it’s the addiction that has triggered the disorder in the first place. In others, the illness itself pushes the individual to the path of chemical self-destruction. Regardless of the context, we offer extensive dual-diagnosis at our Phoenix treatment center.

Co-occurring disorders are difficult to diagnose, and many of them are incurable. This is why it is imperative to resort to specialized assistance, especially when you have a substance addiction on top of that. Our treatment offers a mix of medication and psychotherapeutic support as part of the long-term recovery program.

Aftercare and relapse prevention

The only effective strategy against substance addiction is optimized management. Since substance addiction is incurable, you need to find ways to prevent the relapse over the years. We believe that a truly effective, results-oriented rehab treatment should look towards the future.

At our Phoenix treatment center, you will participate in regular educational courses, along with other patients, informing you of the critical steps-to-follow to remain sober and healthy. Here we include tips on:

  • Nutrition
  • Workout routine
  • Life skills
  • Career building
  • Avoiding social triggers
  • Discovering new hobbies
  • Becoming more socially involved, etc.

Addiction Recovery Centers offer you the ideal setting to heal, sit back, and rearrange your life from scratch. Take our offer and save yourself!