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Phoenix Drug Rehab

What kind of addictions are treated at your Phoenix drug rehab?

Treatment of drug addiction, alcoholism, and dual-diagnoses is the primary focus of Addiction Recovery Centers. We treat numerous addictions, including dependence on prescription painkillers, methamphetamine, and cocaine. Of course, alcohol abuse is another issue that we work with. We offer a range of modern therapies designed to assist our guests through the recovery process and beyond. Our Phoenix drug rehab has helped many good people shed bad habits and move forward into a sane, sober, and successful future. We can help you or your loved one, too.

Phoenix drug rehab: Inpatient or outpatient?

Although many people do recover with the aid of outpatient treatment, most drug addicts find the support provided at our inpatient facility to be precisely what they need to get well. When checked into our Tucson campus, outside influences and temptations are simply not available. Instead, our guests are invited to avail themselves of standard and alternative therapies including counseling, peer group support sessions, as well as art and music therapy. Inpatient treatment also offers a chance to detox in supervised safety with medical withdrawal treatment, if that becomes necessary. Everyone can attain -and enjoy- a sane and sober life, as long as they take the all-important first step of speaking with a recovery counselor at a private Phoenix drug rehab center.

What are commonly abused drugs in Arizona?

In a recent study conducted in Maricopa County, it was determined that methamphetamine, cocaine, alcohol, heroin, and Benzedrine are commonly misused in Arizona. Each of these substances comes with its own inherent set of risks and rewards. Although different, addiction to any of these substances can be dealt with compassionately and privately at our confidential Phoenix drug rehab clinic.

Where can I get medical detox to help me quit drugs?

These days, detoxing from drugs is easier than it ever was before, thanks to medical interventions of the sort we provide at our Phoenix drug rehab center. No longer is the drug user who wishes to quit forced to endure the rigors of withdrawal alone. Going “cold turkey” is rarely effective in the long run, anyway, mostly due to the fact that the detox process can be quite uncomfortable. In fact, it is during unassisted detox that most addicts return to using. When checked into a compassionate inpatient facility, guests have no access to the temptations that can lead back into the rabbit hole of addiction. In truth, the journey to recovery may be intense at times, but the skilled staff at our Arizona rehab clinics has the kindness and compassion to assist guests through the process of getting well and staying sober.

If you or your loved one is struggling with substance abuse, help is available. The only requirement is a desire to stop using. For additional information about Phoenix drug rehab, please call 855-910-5918. Calling will not put you under any obligation. Let’s just have a friendly conversation and discuss your options.