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Phoenix Drug Detox

While there is a profound social stigma attached to going to detox and or drug rehab, taking the initiative to get the help you need is highly commendable. If you have made a decision to check yourself into a Phoenix drug detox facility, you should be proud of yourself, and you should know that Addiction Recovery Centers is a great place to detox in a medical environment and have lots of experienced addiction specialists to take care of you.

If you have made a choice to go to drug detox, you likely already know that while getting clean from drugs and or alcohol is a great thing to do, the detoxification period can be very painful and even deadly to some. In mild cases of withdrawal, patients experience excessive sweating, body pain, irritability, migraine headaches, increased heart rate, and more. In severe cases of drug withdrawal, the body can go into a state of shock and cardiac arrest can ensue, resulting in death or lifelong injury. Also, violent seizures and convulsions often occur for patients with severe withdrawal symptoms.

The danger of withdrawal symptoms places medical and addiction professionals in a tight spot. While we want to encourage people to stop using drugs, we know that going cold turkey can have potentially fatal consequences. Of course, drugs like marijuana, cocaine, and even nicotine won’t cause withdrawal symptoms. People often experience extreme mood swings and irritability when quitting these drugs, but it’s alcohol, heroin, prescription medications, and other hard drugs that concern us. For this reason, we encourage users to detox in a controlled, professional environment.

Detox should only be step number one of your thousand-mile recovery journey. Let’s face it; if you find yourself in a position where you need to check into a drug detox facility, you probably need inpatient rehab too. One of the great things about Addiction Recovery Centers is that we not only offer a world-class Phoenix drug detox center, but we also offer inpatient and outpatient drug rehabilitation services. This is ideal because our setup allows patients to transfer directly from detox to inpatient rehab where the real addiction treatment begins.

At Addiction Recovery Centers, we take a unique approach to addiction treatment. We combine the best methods and practices of both traditional and modern addiction treatment models. We focus on getting to the root of addiction, and we treat each patient individually as each person has their own problems. We offer dual diagnosis services and treatment, and we help detox patients with the interventions they need.

Just remember, in the end, it’s up to you how long you will stay clean. Know that each time you relapse can easily wind up being your last time. Rehabs, detox facilities, and addiction specialists can only do so much. Whether it’s our Phoenix drug detox or drug rehab, Addiction Recovery Centers is here to give you the tools you need to get and stay clean. It’s up to you to put them to use. So please, make the best of it!