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At Addiction Recovery Centers, we know that addiction has the potential to become deadly. You may not realize it but, if you show symptoms of withdrawal, you may already be on a downward spiral. We urge you to seek professional help because your situation is not insurmountable.

If you’re desperate about finding a solution to your problems, but you’ve lost confidence in ever finding any, lighten up. Our Phoenix detox programs will lure all your problems away. No matter what you may have heard so far, there is a way to treat addiction. We have developed a rehabilitation system that does just that with an incredibly high success rate.

Substance addiction is not just a phase; it’s a long-term mental disorder that could turn ugly if left untreated. Our rehab strategy uses several concepts to help you overcome this problem:

Personalized Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT)

The detoxification plan starts upon your arrival at our center and carries on for years if necessary. It doesn’t stop with you graduating the inpatient rehab program. Many patients with substance addiction require permanent medication to keep their symptoms under control and prevent the relapse.

We build the MAT using the data gathered during the initial investigation and tailor the detox strategy according to your medical profile. It’s the single best way of optimizing the results and provide you with lifelong benefits.

The Sinclair Method

We believe that the inpatient program is just the first step in the direction of the complete rehabilitation. The outpatient program, however, is equally essential for the long-term recovery and the Sinclair Method works based on that idea. This program refers to alcohol abuse and consists of a 6-months period that uses the pharmacological extinction to overcome alcoholism.

Pharmacological extinction refers to using an opiate blocker to eradicate your cravings and eliminate the damaging tendencies in your brain. We use the Sinclair Method only for alcoholism, with many other similar programs designed for drug abuse.

Long-term rehabilitation and aftercare

Relapse will always remain a risk, and it is our job to minimize it as much as possible. To achieve that, we use extensive outpatient programs, counseling sessions, psychotherapies, and prolonged medication plans. We want to help you:

  • Become mentally and emotionally stable
  • Socialize easier with others
  • Get a job and become financially independent
  • Grow more socially active
  • Become more positive and confident in yourself
  • Become able to experience joy in your daily life

To achieve these goals is to resort to a variety of procedures, including education, psychological support, and spiritual healing. If you want details about the rehab program, contact us directly, or come to our center for a chat!

Our Phoenix detox program works great for everyone suffering from substance addiction. If you experience detectable withdrawal symptoms, come to our center for a thorough investigation! At Addiction Recovery Centers, we help people rediscover their real potential. It is in your power to choose, overcome addiction, and reclaim your freedom. We’ll teach you how!

Phoenix Detox