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Free Drug Rehab Centers in Arizona

They say, “The best things in life are free.” Well, that’s not always true! While there is no such thing as free drug rehab centers in Arizona, there are ways to get the rehab you need and make it free to you. The best and most common way to do this is to use your health insurance. There are many great health insurance providers, such as Aetna and Cigna, that cover up to 100% of the costs of rehab.

Places to Get Help Paying for Rehab

Let’s face it; not everybody needing treatment for addiction can afford to pay even a small percentage of rehab costs out-of-pocket. Thank goodness there are a number of community resources, in addition to health insurance, that can help a person to cover the expenses associated with a drug rehab and possibly a detox. Charitable organizations, religious groups, non-profits, governmental grants, and even family members can greatly assist a person to get the help they need.

Some Truly Free Drug Rehab Centers in Arizona

At Addiction Recovery Centers, our primary aim is to help people get clean and stay clean, whether the person is a millionaire or a homeless person. Feel free to talk to one of our representatives about free drug rehab centers in Arizona. If we’re not able to set up a payment plan for you, help you attain funding, or otherwise assist you in your recovery, we can always point people in the right direction.

The Salvation Army men’s program is a free drug rehab. However, it is a work-based rehabilitation program. To be in the SA program, it is expected that you will work either in their store or on their trucks picking up donations. They feed you, house you, and they have a fairly decent drug rehab program. A lot of people get clean and stay clean through the Salvation Army, though it is an intense rehab. It may not be for everyone.

Other free drug rehab centers in Arizona include rescue missions, such as the ones in Tucson and Phoenix. Just about every town with a population of 10,000 people or more have a rescue mission or homeless shelter, and most of the time, these facilities also have addiction treatment programs. Although living in a homeless shelter is hardly ideal, it’s a great place to start if you’ve hit rock-bottom. Most shelters with drug rehabs have separate facilities for the rehab programs that are cleaner, more private, have better food, TVs, and all other sorts of perks.

In the End, Just Get the Help You Need!

Of course, Addiction Recovery Centers will always advise you to carefully select the rehab you’re going to check into. Make sure you select one like ours that’s affordable and has a high success rate for keeping people sober past two years. In the end, if you need to get clean, it’s probably best to just get yourself into a rehab. After all, it’s not as much about how good a rehab is or what they offer. Lasting sobriety depends on how you work it! Remember, nothing is truly free in this world. You’ll only get out of a rehab as much as you put into it.