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Free Detox Centers in Phoenix Arizona

Unfortunately, there are no free detox centers in Phoenix, Arizona, but it’s free to you if your insurance pays 100% of the cost right? Whether you are a Cigna or Aetna policyholder or have coverage through another provider, the best insurance plans will pay 100% of your detox expenses, making it free for you.

Insurance Can Make Your Detox Stay Free

Very few people can afford to pay for detox out-of-pocket because the costs are so expensive. Plus, even with the recent economic boom in America, most people don’t have a lot of cash laying around. Fortunately, Addiction Recovery Centers is one of the few free detox centers in Phoenix, Arizona, because we accept most kinds of insurance. Get it?

Detox Can be Free to You if You are Resourceful Enough

Another way that detox can be free is by getting help from charities, religious organizations, and non-profits to obtain funding for your detoxification. These are often reliable sources of funding that people overlook completely. Whether it’s your family church, an agency that wants to help people get clean from drugs and alcohol, your employer’s insurance, or even government grants to help people get clean; low-income individuals need not put off checking into detox and getting rehab for lack of money. The downside is that they will have to put in the legwork to get the funding. Addiction Recovery Centers can sometimes help individuals locate resources or find other alternatives that effectively serve as free detox centers in Phoenix, Arizona.

Detox is More Important than Ever

The drugs of today are different, and in most cases, are more deadly than the drugs of yesterday. Not only that, but the new-age drugs have different effects on the mind and body, and the short-term side effects, along with the long-term damage that these drugs cause is not yet quite know yet. For this reason, it is advisable to get clean in a controlled environment with medical professionals available to treat you around the clock.

Some of the Traditional Drugs Call for Detox Too

Alcohol and what we might call ‘traditional drugs,’ can be just as lethal as the new drugs. In addition to alcohol, heroin, painkillers, and other narcotics need to be detoxified in a controlled setting. The symptoms of withdrawal from these drugs can range from headaches, excessive sweating, and vomiting to seizures, increased heart rate, and heart failure.

As you can see, people on drugs and alcohol should detoxify their bodies in a professional detox. Detox should be followed by rehab for the most effective and lasting results. Unfortunately, due to a lack of funding, many people will never get the professional treatment they need and deserve. Instead, they will detox on their own. By doing so, they will make themselves more susceptible to the symptoms of withdrawal, and they will face a much higher likelihood of relapse.

Stop Putting Detox on Hold

While there are no free detox centers in Phoenix, Arizona, Addiction Recovery Centers will do everything we can to make it free to you. We accept most insurance, and we provide world-class addiction treatment services. Call us or stop by today to get the help you need.