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Drug Rehab AZ

If you are looking for excellent treatment for drug rehab in Arizona, Addiction Recovery Centers offers dedicated rehabilitation care for all our patients. We offer individualized, confidential treatment programs for both alcohol and drug addictions. Our highly qualified and committed medical professionals will provide the most comprehensive treatment care that puts the individual needs of our patients first.

The most effective drug rehabilitation treatment

Rehab stands for residential rehabilitation and refers to an intense addiction recovery program that takes place in a residential facility. Patients will leave their familiar surroundings, which helps them avoid potential triggers and allows them to focus solely on battling their addiction.

In traditional drug rehab treatments, the patients would come and live in the facility, where they would receive close medical supervision and therapeutic care. There would be intense programs of support for psychological rehabilitation, such as individual and group therapy designed to help patients understand the deep-rooted issues that led to their addiction. Finally, there would be a carefully designed aftercare program to offer extra support or advice to avoid relapsing.

There are newer forms of drug rehab treatment which provide patients with housing support that complements their structured addiction recovery programs. These programs involve a little more flexibility for patients and suit those with less severe addiction issues. Some treatment centers are even classified as outpatient because they allow patients to return home at the end of the day and continue with their daily routine during the drug treatment.

Does drug rehab include detoxing too?

Some drug rehabilitation centers will help patients detox or safely remove the drugs in their system while managing the withdrawal symptoms. Facilities would need highly qualified medical professionals to deal with this.

Other rehab facilities, however, will not offer detoxing facilities, so you will need to check this before entering rehab. Patients will need to undergo complete detox before entering these rehab facilities. You will find various types of drug rehab in AZ, with differing levels of care and facilities to suit you, some that offer detoxing and others that don’t.

What is the admissions process for rehab facilities?

Unless your family or friends carry out an intervention, the admission to rehab facilities is entirely voluntary. As mentioned, some facilities may offer in-patient detoxing treatments, but others only provide services to fully detoxed individuals.

Most patients enter rehab facilities via their local social service authorities that deal with drug addicts. In severe cases of drug addiction, the addict would complete community-based treatment prior to entering rehab. Your local social services will do this to ensure that you are stable and capable of completing a drug recovery program at a rehabilitation facility.

If you require detoxing treatments, we will provide support and assistance throughout the procedure. Once you’ve completed the detox stage, you will then enter our drug rehab facility for rehabilitation, recovery, and healing.

If you’re looking for drug rehab in AZ, Addiction Recovery Centers offers a comprehensive inpatient rehabilitation program for drug addiction. Our qualified, dedicated professionals take the individual needs of our patients very seriously.