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Drug Rehab Arizona Phoenix

What makes drug addiction different than other disorders is the fact that it reprograms your brain. As your brain’s chemical structure changes, it will influence your cognitive abilities, as well as your behavior and mental state. If you’re having problems with drug addiction, come to Addiction Recovery Centers today! Since substance addiction is a progressive illness, time is not your ally.

Our drug rehab in Arizona, Phoenix, might be your last chance to salvation. Self-medication usually generates more problems than it solves, while going to the hospital will take you nowhere long-term. The hospital staff isn’t qualified to provide rehab services. We invite you to our center to become part of a revolutionary rehab program that will transform your life.

Our rehab treatment relies on a variety of certified classic and innovative procedures as part of a ground-breaking multi-disciplinary strategy. There is no single way of dealing with substance addiction. Instead, we use multiple approaches, including:

Professional drug detox – The detoxification process relies on targeted medication to alleviate the symptoms of withdrawal, lower the cravings, and flush the drug from the body. You don’t need to fear the procedure, as our clinicians will ensure the maximum of comfort during the detox process.

Dual-diagnosis treatment – Co-occurring disorders are common in people with advanced forms of drug addiction. We offer medication and psychotherapeutic support for mental disorders like anxiety, depression, PTSD, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, etc. By doing so, we help alleviate the conditions, preventing the long-term relapse and greatly increasing your daily functioning.

Physical support and nutrition – Most patients arriving at our facility are in poor physical condition. During our drug rehab in Arizona, Phoenix, we provide well-rounded physiological support, including optimized nutritional plans and regular workout routines. The purpose is to help the body heal and strengthen, which will positively influence your state of mind as a result.

Improving social interactions – We are a family here, at our center in Arizona. Our mission is to help our patients gain confidence and acquire a boost in self-esteem during the recovery treatment. The optimal way of achieving that is by promoting social interactions, and we’re experts at that. We offer a multitude of group activities, including therapy sessions, experiential therapies, bio-psycho-social experiences, and nature-centered activities, among others.

Sensorial experiences – Drug addiction numbs your senses and takes away your ability to enjoy life anymore. We want to bring that back. At our center, you’ll have the opportunity to shock your taste buds with our delicious, healthy meals, enjoy music and art therapy, and meditate to the purpose of life. We’re set to provide a life-defining experience, as we promote mindfulness and personal development as key strategies in overcoming addiction.

Join our drug rehab in Arizona, Phoenix, and your life will never be the same! At Addiction Recovery Centers, we offer an incredible, luxurious setting, friendly, trained staff, and a variety of programs to transform your world. Drug addiction is just a phase – we’ll help you go beyond it, as you keep moving towards a brighter future.