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Detox Centers in Arizona

If you suspect you’ve fallen victim to substance addiction, don’t be afraid – there’s still a chance! Reach us, at Addiction Recovery Center, and we’ll walk you through a preliminary investigation to determine your clinical status. Depending on the findings, you will then enter a personalized detox program and begin your journey to self-discovery.

Contrary to many other rehab facilities, we teach self-empowerment as a critical aspect of any successful rehab program. Our detox centers in Arizona function on the idea that you, the patient, have the power to change your life. You only need medical support in the initial phase of the rehab and a team of expert clinicians and counselors to guide you beyond that.

Other than that, no matter what other people tell you, nothing is stopping you from becoming the master of your own life. Aside from the obvious physiological support, our rehab treatment is designed to reveal new things about who you are and what is your purpose. During our rehabilitation treatment, you will:

Become more self-aware, confident, and honest with yourself

The rehab treatment should be a journey of self-discovery. We offer advanced and certified psychotherapies, along with a multitude of social activities, and group counseling sessions. It is during these sessions where you will learn new things about yourself, through the eyes of those around you.

We offer a judgment-free environment, where we promote friendship, social bonding, and empathy as the common values that define our community. At our detox centers in Arizona, you will learn how to:

  • Make friends with others
  • Resort to introspection as a method for self-knowledge
  • Become self-aware and achieve superior mindfulness
  • Grow more confident in your ability to define your own future
  • Accept your faults and weaknesses
  • Adopt constant self-improvement as a key life value, etc.

Learn to taste life’s little joys once more

The reason why prolonged substance addiction is so dangerous is that it takes away your ability to enjoy life anymore. Since you’re no longer able to experience a natural release of endorphins, other than through chemical stimulation, your entire perception of the world will change. We will reverse that process.

Aside from providing you with optimized nutritional intake and supplementation, we’ll also organize a variety of outdoor group activities. Nature walks, pet therapy, wellness sessions, energy healing, group nature-centered activities and more will combine to mend your spirit and reveal nature’s raw beauty once more. The conclusion – life has a lot more to offer. You only need to learn where to look.

Work on rebuilding your future

We believe that the rehabilitation process consists of three critical stages – stabilize, overcome, rebuild. At our detox centers in Arizona, we offer comprehensive support through all these phases, with an emphasis on the latter. Since substance addiction is an incurable disorder, the key to a normal and healthy life is prevention.

At Addiction Recovery Centers, we’ll teach you everything you need to know about embracing a life of sobriety and personal success. Join our rehab program and unlock the doors to a better future!