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Cigna Drug Rehab

Being addicted to drugs can be a terrifying experience. At Addiction Recovery Centers, we have created the ideal Cigna drug rehab program, perfect for all stages of addiction.

How long does rehab take?

We recommend a minimum of 90 days of treatment, especially if the disease is in advanced stages. In those situations, the inpatient treatment becomes a necessity, allowing our experts to supervise your progress during the treatment 24/7. We invite you to our luxurious locations, either in Arizona or in Orange County, California, where you will have a team of clinicians around you permanently.

The rehab process is complex, as it is a time of significant physical and emotional vulnerability. You shouldn’t be alone during the recovery. If your schedule doesn’t allow you to join the inpatient care, you can opt for outpatient treatment, which is more flexible and affordable.

How effective is drug addiction treatment?

It is exceptionally effective as, in many cases, it is the victims’ last hope at getting their lives back. The rehab treatment consists of several procedures, including:

Clinical detoxification – The detox procedure is vital for restoring your body’s normal functioning, as well as eliminating the drug from your system. Since it is a complex and volatile process, we recommend professional detox over any attempt of self-treatment, for safety and efficiency reasons.

Dual diagnosis – Prolonged drug addiction will trigger various co-occurring mental diseases, which need addressing. Our dual diagnosis program deals with a variety of mental illnesses through counseling, psychotherapy, and medication-assisted procedures.

Mental and emotional support – Our Cigna drug rehab includes various forms of psychotherapy and emotional trauma healing procedures. The goal is to address the roots of the condition, rather than the symptoms, which is not only useful as a treatment method but as a relapse prevention strategy as well.

Ensuring long-term sobriety – When it comes to preventing the relapse, education hangs heavy in the balance. Our counselors and health professionals will teach you all about prevention and about adopting a healthier lifestyle that will serve as a foundation for your newfound life.

How do you stop the relapse?

The only way to prevent relapsing over the years is by embracing a new lifestyle, along with an upgraded system of moral values. You will only remain sober, so long as you accept to transform into a better version of yourself. Drug addiction is different than any other mental disease in how it triggers and how it advances over time. It can completely change your personality and, no matter the treatment you’re following, if you won’t change your mindset along the way, you will never be free.

Fortunately, we are here to provide you with guidance and support. Our Cigna drug rehab programs represent the ideal opportunity to face your faults and work on becoming a better person. At Addiction Recovery Centers, we will teach you how to remain sober even when everything seems to work against you. There is nothing you can’t achieve with a clear mind, a robust set of personal values, and a team of experts guiding you along the way.

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