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Cigna Covered Rehab

Here you are, feeling like you’re at the end of your rope, looking for a way to leave your addiction behind for good. At Addiction Recovery Centers, we know the suffering you must be going through, and we offer you salvation through our Cigna covered rehab treatment.

How to deal with addiction?

The safest and most reliable way of overcoming your substance addiction is joining a professional rehab program. Anything else is either ineffective or straight up dangerous. Most victims of addiction will initially resort to either quitting cold turkey, which they will fail at, or different forms of self-treatment. We advise against it. Self-detox procedures pose a serious threat to your health since you lack the proper tools for the job.

Overcoming addiction is not a matter of medication alone. The recovery system brings together a multitude of disciplines including detox, dual-diagnosis treatment, therapy, emotional trauma support, relapse prevention, education, etc. This is why we advise you to reach out to us instead of trying to deal with your problems alone.

Is addiction curable?

Yes, in the sense that you can live a sober, happy life until the end of your days. However, substance addiction doesn’t have a cure in the classic meaning of the word. The possibility for relapse will always exist, so long as you don’t take necessary precautions along the way. Post-treatment, you will need a solid relapse prevention plan to ensure you will never have to face addiction again in the future.

Our Cigna covered rehab represents the ideal starting point in this sense. We have a team of experienced clinicians and health professionals ready to take on the task of bringing your life back to normal. At our center, you will acquire a new set of personal skills which you will use as tools to reform your life entirely.

Is relapse normal?

Yes, it is, both at the beginning of the rehab and after that. You will soon discover that the rehabilitation process represents, at its core, a battle against your own brain. You will need to learn how to contain your cravings and appeal to your life goals and values to avoid the same pitfalls in the future. This is why we consider our rehab treatment to be a personal and lifestyle transformation process more than anything else.

An effective rehab treatment should help you emerge as a better version of yourself, with clear life goals and with an unbreakable determination to reach them. And your journey begins at our center.

Is drug rehab expensive?

It depends on the type and the duration of the treatment. Typically, inpatient rehab will cost more than outpatient programs for obvious reasons. However, the rehab treatment doesn’t cost anywhere near as much as the substance addiction itself. Years of addiction will drain the victim and the victim’s family both morally and financially.

At our Cigna covered rehab, we’re looking to prevent that. Contact us, at Addiction Recovery Centers, to verify your insurance and tell us your story! We are ready for you! Are you ready for us?