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Arizona Inpatient Drug Rehab Centers

Choosing the right drug rehab center is vital for your recovery process. Ensuring that you get the right facilities and receive the care you need can make a world of difference. Addiction Recovery Centers is one of the top Arizona inpatient drug rehab centers, where we offer intensive rehabilitation programs and individualized supervision to all our patients.

What is an inpatient drug rehab center?

Inpatient drug rehab treatment is one of the first phases of drug treatments, where qualified medical professionals closely supervise the patients around the clock. They are best suited for those suffering from severe addictions or someone who’s just beginning to recover from an addiction, with a high risk of relapsing.

With inpatient programs, the patients will need to stay at the rehab facility overnight for a specified duration of time, depending on the treatment program. They will be removed entirely from their familiar environment so that they can avoid potential triggers and solely focus on recovery.

During inpatient drug rehab treatments, patients will undergo a structured program with regular meetings with a psychiatric professional to evaluate mental health, individual therapy, group therapy and forms of recreational therapy such as meditation or yoga. Some rehab centers will even tailor treatment programs to suit the patients’ interests. After the program, the rehab center will provide a dedicated aftercare treatment program to prevent relapsing.

Main elements of an inpatient rehab program

The main parts of an inpatient rehab program offered at Arizona inpatient drug rehab centers include:

  • Medical Attention- This will happen in the first phase of treatment, where qualified medical staff assists with any withdrawal symptoms of the person. We will evaluate an IV drug user for diseases such as HIV, Hepatitis, and others that tend to spread via drug needles.
  • Individual or Group Therapy- All patients will receive individual psychiatric care and counseling sessions. They will then transition into group therapy, where they meet other addicts to share their perspectives. Patients will enter the 12-step program at this stage, and other topics of discussion could include self-esteem, family issues, grief, trauma, and personal relationships.
  • Recreational Therapy- Amidst their regular individual or group counseling sessions, patients will also participate in recreational therapy such as yoga and meditation. State-of-the-art rehab facilities, such as ours, have a diverse range of activities for recreational therapy to suit the patient’s individual preferences.

What’s the Difference Between Inpatient and Residential Rehab?

With residential rehab, patients live in the treatment facility, benefitting from a variety of amenities, and luxurious living conditions. It is the ideal form of treatment for those in need of peace and comfort during the treatment.

An inpatient rehab program is a more intensive treatment program that is usually the first step of recovery. We provide medical assistance for removing drugs from the patients’ systems and help them deal with withdrawal. With inpatient programs, the patients also live in the rehab center.

If you’re looking for reliable Arizona inpatient drug rehab centers, we’re your best option. At Addiction Recovery Center, we offer a very comprehensive inpatient drug rehab program with highly qualified medical professionals to treat the most vulnerable patients.