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Arizona Drug Detox

We understand if you’re afraid to begin the rehab treatment. Most of our patients, at Addiction Recovery Centers, have admitted fearing the withdrawal even more than the addiction itself. This is why we don’t recommend self-detoxification. Aside from being vastly ineffective, it may also make things worse by discouraging you from seeking expert help.

Our Arizona drug detox treatment offers a better alternative – a controlled and safe procedure with long-lasting benefits. We don’t offer a simple detox service, but a vast and comprehensive health transformation project. To ensure the success of the program, we cover all aspects that may contribute to your immediate and future wellbeing, including:

Exhaustive preliminary analysis – The preliminary investigation will help us outline critical information about your clinical status. All our patients go through the same process upon arriving at our facility, which allows us to adjust the treatment to everyone’s clinical profile. The result – faster recovery and longer-lasting benefits.

Targeted detoxification – During the detox process, the clinician will walk you through a detailed medication plan to stabilize your condition and alleviate the pain. Going through the withdrawal has never been so comfortable. You no longer need to fear the intense urges and extreme discomfort during the withdrawal phase. For best results, we advise you to join our inpatient rehab program for 24/7 support and supervision.

Dual-diagnosis treatment – Not all rehab centers offer dual-diagnosis treatment, but we consider it to be a vital aspect of the recovery process. The overwhelming majority of the patients in advanced stages of addiction will also struggle with at least one co-occurring disorders. During our Arizona drug detox program, you will receive medication and psychotherapeutic support to deal with the co-occurring disorders and minimize their impact over the years.

Nutrition and workout routine – Prolonged drug addiction leads to malnutrition and a visible degradation in bone density, muscle mass, strength, and energy. The faster we’ll get you back on your feet, the better. At our center, you will receive daily delicious and nutritious meals, while participating in regular physical activities, designed to restore your body’s healthy composure. The benefits will appear shortly, as you will grow stronger and more energetic while eating and sleeping better than you did in a long time.

Mental and emotional healing – We offer a holistic treatment that views substance addiction as a disease of the mind, body, and spirit. The rehabilitation treatment relies on a diversity of both classic and innovative healing procedures. Some of these include energy balancing, behavioral therapies, experiential and recreational activities, support groups, and pet and art therapy.

Educational classes for relapse prevention – We consider relapse prevention to be one of our key strategies here, at our Arizona drug detox center. Since substance addiction is an incurable illness, it is up to you to maintain your sobriety over the years. Don’t worry; we’ll teach you how from adopting a healthier lifestyle to pursuing life-defining goals with all your energy and dedication.

Addiction Recovery Centers offer salvation and the opportunity for a new beginning. Don’t deny yourself the only chance you might have at living your life as a free and happy individual!