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Arizona Detox Centers

Most Arizona detox centers ask for payment up front before treatment begins- at Addiction Recovery Centers, we work with patients to verify their insurance plans and come up with options for financing and payment plans that make addiction treatment more affordable. If you need help for an addiction but don’t know how you’re going to pay, give our staff a call for more information on payment options.

Safe, Comfortable Medical Detox

Going cold turkey is not only extremely dangerous, but the chances that you’ll experience positive results through your efforts are also quite low. In almost all cases of drug and alcohol addiction, it takes help from a team of professionals to detox prepare for the next important stages of recovery. Detox is your first point of contact with our staff at Addiction Recovery Centers- you’ll experience the highest rate of success by learning more about what you can expect during the process. Explore our free resources online or reach out to our administrative staff for more information.

When Fear Prevents Treatment

Fear of seizures, hallucinations, nausea, insomnia, depression, panic, and muscle aches and pains prevent many addicts from ever seeking treatment- and that’s honestly a shame because, with today’s detox methods, there’s nothing to be afraid of. Most of the fear experienced by addicts comes from stories they’ve heard from friends who have tried to go through the detox process on their own, without medical assistance. Detoxing with supervision from our skilled and caring team is safer and much more comfortable than trying to go-it-alone.

The Advantages of Professional Detox

Few Arizona detox centers have ready answers for the multitude of questions asked by their patients- at Addiction Recovery Centers, we believe one of the keys to our high success rate is our ability to provide honest, reliable answers to real-life questions without hiding the truth from patients. Going through detox may well be the hardest thing you’ve ever gone through in your life- but the rewards will be well worth the effort. You’ll leave detox in a few short days with your feet firmly planted on the path to recovery.

Preparing For Residential Treatment

Detox is only the first step- but it’s a critical one. After your body detoxes from alcohol or drugs, you’ll need to spend quality time in a residential program learning how to avoid the triggers that typically lead you to use. You’ll also have to relearn how to have fun without the aid of drugs or alcohol. Patients who spend the most time in recovery see the best results- we’re here every step of the way to help you make the right decision throughout treatment.

One Day at a Time

Step one- make the most important call you’ll ever make- to Addiction Recovery Centers. We can verify your insurance benefits or help you or someone you love with immediate placement in our Arizona detox centers. The choice you make today will affect the rest of your life- make the right decision by calling us now.