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Alcohol Treatment Arizona

The journey of alcohol treatment is not a one-step program. One has to undergo all the set stages to assimilate lessons that will retain their intensity even after leaving the program. These stages are the development of the National Institute of Drug Abuse. Standard alcohol treatment in Arizona will adhere to the following windows.


The beginning of treatment happens before the patient checks into the facility when the patient or a loved one contact the facility. Alcohol treatment in Arizona have very little discrimination on who gets to get admissions in the facility. Addiction Recovery Centers will take your call and offer immediate assistance when you request for a reception.


Intake is the stage where the patient checks into the facility. The center will ensure that the patient does not pose any dangers from carrying weapons and additional drugs. Intake undergoes intensive screening following regulations from Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration.

The tests filter out unnecessary baggage and help the staff to develop a personalized treatment plan. A comprehensive program will include programs to cater to the emotional, mental, and social status of the patient.


The staff will conduct further evaluation when the patient settles into the facility. Some standard tests and questions will address the following concerns:

  • How long has the patient suffered an alcohol addiction?
  • When was their last rehabilitation program?
  • What other substances does the patient have an addiction?

This stage is usually an ongoing process that will last throughout the rehabilitation program. Patients may get to the center while they do not have a clear recollection of their mind and body. They will reveal more information as their health status improves.


This stage purges the harmful chemicals of alcohol from the body. The purpose of a detox is to start the body off on a clean slate. The person will typically have an easier time adjusting to soberness when their body is not fighting against the mind.

Our Addiction Recovery Centers aim to transform the patient from an internal point. The prescribed medication will complete the detox while therapy will restructure the mind and spirit.

Inpatient care

The stage following detox all falls under the inpatient services. The term inpatient refers to programs and medication that the patient receives while they are still in the facility.

The particular inpatient services of an alcohol addicted patient will vary tremendously. The bottom line of each specific function is that the patient should learn about their body status and sustainable ways to keep off the drug. The comprehensive program will include knowledge, habits, and skills.

Outpatient services

Patients who complete all the other preceding programs successfully may then proceed for the external services. The outpatient program gives patients a test of their newly found strength. They get to examine their reaction to previous stimulants while under the protection of a rehabilitation program.

The real-life setup prepares them to turn down invites and urges from their previous social connections. Recovering patients can dip in and out of the outpatient services until the lesson of abstinence becomes innate.