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Alcohol Rehab Phoenix

At Addiction Recovery Centers, we offer a solution to a problem that’s as old as it is difficult to treat – alcoholism. Contrary to popular belief, alcohol addiction isn’t a matter of personal preference. It is a mental disease with severe implications in the long run. You can’t overpower it on your own, and you can’t live with it.

The alternative is to join our program of alcohol rehab in Phoenix today. Alcoholism is as devastating as it is because of two main things: it’s a progressive disorder, and people don’t take it seriously. The rehabilitation process is not a breeze either when treating to perform self-detox. Most people won’t be able to overcome the cold turkey, which causes them to relapse every time they attempt to go sober.

This is why we advise you to ask for specialized assistance only! At our center, we provide advanced rehab services, including:

Clinical detoxification

Although the detoxification process sounds easy in theory, you should never attempt it on your own. Since you’re not an expert on the matter, you only risk making things worse. Our clinicians will tailor the medication plan to your clinical profile for maximum effects and optimal results.

The benefits are immense, both short-term and in the long run:

  • Overcoming the withdrawal phase
  • Minimizing the pain and suffering associated with the cold turkey syndrome
  • Stabilizing your behavior and mental processes
  • Cleanse your body of toxins
  • Restore the chemical balance in the brain
  • Clear your thinking process and state of mind

Mental and emotional support

A successful rehabilitation process should go beyond medication when considering delivering long-lasting benefits. Our alcohol rehab in Phoenix includes a variety of psychological and emotional support programs, designed to restore your mental stability fast. Many victims of alcoholism require intensive care during this time when they are emotionally and mentally broken and vulnerable.

If your situation is severe, our residential inpatient program will be perfect for you. Trained, experienced clinicians will supervise your progress 24/7, continually adjusting and improving the rehab program according to your response. Our psychotherapies will help you grow more confident, improve your self-esteem, and allow you to heal and recover faster.

Expert aftercare and relapse prevention

Years-long alcoholism will not only affect you physically, but mentally, emotionally, and socially as well. To counter these damages, you require the support of our team of professionals. The individualized aftercare treatment plan focuses on restoring your ability to function normally in society again.

With our experts’ advice, you’ll be able to:

  • Become financially independent again
  • Fix things with your family and friends
  • Work towards building a career
  • Set realistic life goals and actively pursue them over the years
  • Embrace a life of sobriety and fulfillment
  • Help and support others facing the same problems you struggle with now

Here, at our alcohol rehab in Phoenix, we help people like you to begin life anew. You only need the willpower to do it. Addiction Recovery Centers is here provide you with everything else you need.