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Alcohol Rehab Phoenix Arizona

As a victim of alcohol addiction, you’re not only struggling with the disease itself, but with the misconceptions of those around you as well. People often have a demeaning attitude towards addicts, because they don’t understand how addiction works. At Addiction Recovery Centers, we provide a judgment-free environment where you can recover and overcome your problems.

Our alcohol rehab in Phoenix, Arizona, relies on a multi-disciplinary approach, bringing together classic medical procedures and innovative takes on health, spirituality, and life reconstruction. We don’t judge, because we know what you’re going through; alcoholism is not a matter of choice, it’s a mental disorder. Going sober requires more than mere willpower.

At our center, you will participate in one of the most comprehensive rehab treatments in the business. The strategy we’re using offers a three-step recovery and reconstruction process:

Step one – Stabilization and detox

The first stage of the rehab treatment marks the most vulnerable moment in your recovery. This is when you’ll be facing the withdrawal, as the clinician will walk you through the detox. The goal is to stabilize your mental functioning, eliminate the substance from your system, and prevent the short-term relapse.

We understand if you fear the procedure. Most of our patients were reluctant to enter our program because they feared the withdrawal. What they eventually realized is that professional detox is vastly different than going cold turkey with no medical support. We use targeted medication to both tackle the disorder and increase your comfort along the way as well.

The discomfort will be minimal during the procedure and the results will appear faster than you’d expect. During the detox, you will remain under constant supervision, so our clinician can monitor your progress and adjust the program accordingly.

Step two – Dual-diagnosis and psychotherapeutic support

Prolonged alcohol addiction is bound to trigger at least one co-occurring disorder along the way. In other cases, the patient shows signs of mental disease before becoming addicted. In both situations, the co-occurring disorders are difficult to diagnose, as doctors usually confuse their symptoms with those of the addiction itself.

At our center, we offer extensive dual-diagnosis treatment as a critical part of the rehab process. Studies show that most victims of advanced substance addiction also suffer from at least one co-occurring disorder. Depending on the nature of the illness, our clinicians will prescribe long-term medication, along with a variety of behavioral and emotional therapies.

Your mind needs just as much healing as your body. Our psychologists and counselors are here to guide you on the right path.

Step three – Education and lifestyle transformation

When it comes to preventing the relapse, your best option includes changing your lifestyle completely. During the alcohol rehab in Phoenix, Arizona, you will learn the essentials of adopting a healthier, more active lifestyle. Everything will change for you, including nutrition, workout routine, hobbies, and life-defining personal and professional goals.

At Addiction Recovery Centers, we provide our patients with clinical, mental, and educational support during a life-changing rehab experience. You can’t afford to miss this opportunity!