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Alcohol Rehab Centers Phoenix AZ

Welcome to Addiction Recovery Centers, one of the few rehab facilities that offer holistic treatment and aftercare for even the most advanced stages of substance addiction. While substance addiction is an incurable disease, there are ways to escape its claws. The rehab process, however, is by no means simple, and you shouldn’t attempt to self-medicate.

Come to our alcohol rehab centers in Phoenix, AZ, and let us deal with the problem in a controlled and comfortable environment. You now have the opportunity to benefit from a high-end rehab strategy that will turn your life around. Alcoholism is progressive, which means that the longer you’ll ignore it, the more and the faster it will aggravate. To prevent this scenario, we have created a well-rounded rehab experience that focuses on three core strategies:

Clinical detox and dual-diagnosis treatment

The first stage consists of detox and stabilization. The priority is to flush the substance from your body so that the organism can begin to heal and recover. Our clinician will prescribe a patient-tailored medication plan that will detoxify the body, stabilize your mental functioning, and prevent the short-term relapse. It’s also an excellent tool for minimizing the discomfort and physiological stress during the withdrawal phase.

In many cases, a dual-diagnosis treatment is necessary in parallel, to address the co-occurring disorders. Studies show that over 60% of the victims of substance addiction also display symptoms of at least one other co-occurring illness. We don’t let these problems pass, since they can cause you to relapse even after completing the rehab.

At our alcohol rehab centers in Phoenix, AZ, we offer extensive dual-diagnosis treatment and support. You shouldn’t be afraid – we offer the utmost comfort and care during the treatment.

Mental and emotional stabilization

Since prolonged alcohol abuse will end up disrupting your brain’s chemical balance, it will also negatively influence your thought process and behavior. Without addressing these issues, there is no guarantee that you will remain sober for too long. This is the main reason why most self-detox endeavors fail.

We invite you to our facility today, to join a comprehensive treatment that brings together advanced clinical procedures and uniquely diverse holistic treatments. To restore your psychological functioning, we provide a series of procedures and activities, including:

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
  • Music, art, and pet therapy
  • Outdoor group activities
  • Heart-centered meditation sessions
  • Energy healing and balancing
  • Experiential therapies
  • Individual counseling and support groups, etc.

Lifestyle improvements and relapse prevention

Alcoholism has high relapse rates, especially if you are oblivious to the best strategies to remain sober. For that reason, we consider education to be the most effective tool in ensuring a sober, healthy, and happy lifestyle. At our alcohol rehab centers in Phoenix, AZ, you will learn the essentials of adopting a new and improved lifestyle routine, outside the pitfalls of chemical addiction.

At Addiction Recovery Centers, we use all our knowledge and dedication to give people like you a second chance. With our help, you can beat alcoholism.