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Alcohol Rehab Arizona

Paradoxically, most people fear the rehab process more than they fear addiction itself. At Addiction Recovery Centers, we promise you a fast recovery and comfortable and personalized detoxification with long-lasting benefits. The withdrawal usually comes with a multitude of physiological side-effects, including physical pain, emotional distress, and volatile mental functioning.

Our alcohol rehab in Arizona offers comprehensive rehabilitation with life-long benefits during a three-stage process:

1. Detoxification and dual-diagnosis

Upon arrival at our facility, all our patients undergo a detailed preliminary clinical assessment. The purpose is to highlight vital information on your medical status and clinical history, as well as critical data about your addiction. After drawing your clinical profile, the doctor will prescribe a personalized medication strategy for the following days, aiming to:

  • Detoxify the organism
  • Restore your brain’s opioid receptors to normal
  • Regulate the chemical balance in the nervous system
  • Alleviate the discomfort associated with the cold turkey syndrome
  • Eliminate the cravings

The dual-diagnosis treatment will advance in parallel to the detoxification, provided you show signs of co-occurring disorders. By addressing these issues during the rehab treatment, we make sure you keep progressing in the right direction, as the risk of relapse will be significantly lower.

2. Psychological reparations

By disrupting your brain’s chemical functioning, alcoholism will eventually change your mental processes, behavior, and eventually entire personality. This is the reason why most patients end up having problems with their families, and they lose their jobs, friends, and freedom. Our mission is to get you out of this hellish place of desperation and fear.

Our alcohol rehab in Arizona rests on the idea that you do have the power to overcome your problems. All you need is just a push in the right direction. Our long-term rehab strategy features a multitude of psychotherapies that will:

  • Promote positivity and confidence
  • Help you face your weaknesses so that you can move past them
  • Teach self-honesty, acceptance, and forgiveness
  • Allow you to grow more responsible and determined
  • Cleanse the negativity, pessimism, and the mental and emotional anguish
  • Promote introspection and meditation, etc.

3. Emotional and spiritual healing

Alcoholism grows with time, as is the case with any type of substance addiction. The fact that it is a progressive disease means that your condition will worsen at an accelerated rate if you ignore it. While it is the nature of chemical addiction that keeps people, prisoners, it’s often an underlying issue that’s fueling it.

Many people deal with life-long emotional traumas the only way they know best – by drinking. But drinking doesn’t help you forget; it only makes things worse. Our counselors will provide you with all the right tools to deal with your problems maturely and responsibly. During our alcohol rehab in Arizona, you will participate in group therapy, recreative activities, and private counseling sessions for the entire duration of the program.

At Addiction Recovery Centers, we believe in a healthy and comfortable rehabilitation treatment. We offer a life-defining experience that will transform your life. You can’t afford to miss this opportunity!