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Alcohol Detox Phoenix

Choosing the right alcohol detox in Arizona is crucial to long-term recovery from addiction. Consider Addiction Recovery Centers for a broad range of treatment programs and services designed to help you or someone you care about get sober and stay clean. Detox is the first step toward lifelong recovery- make sure the facility you select is one that has a reputation for success.

Medical Assistance Through Physical Withdrawal

Detoxing from alcohol without professional help can be a frightening and dangerous experience. Many recovery experts suggest that trying to go cold turkey at home or the house of a friend or family member could even result in death. Many alcoholics who attempt detox in a home environment go through the most challenging phases of detox but never make it all the way to the end. Our experienced, compassionate staff will help you go through all the stages of detox for the successful completion of the entire process and preparation for the next stage of recovery.

A Most Critical Step toward Lifelong Recovery

Entering residential treatment without first going through detox will be a waste of time and resources. If you’re addicted to alcohol, it’s necessary to cleanse your body of alcohol and get past physical withdrawals before you can concentrate on a treatment program. We’re here to minimize discomfort and alleviate fear while keeping you safe and comfortable throughout. Medical-assisted detox makes the process much more manageable- you have nothing to fear when you call our drug detox in Arizona.

Why Choose a Full-Service Recovery Center?

While you’re going through detox, our residential treatment facility is preparing for your admission. The seamless transition from detox to inpatient treatment can best be carried out at a facility offering a complete continuum of care. Our goal is not only to provide detox treatment but also to provide the opportunity for you to take advantage of resources that will result in lifelong recovery from addiction to alcohol.

Alcohol Detox in Phoenix

Most alcoholics spend 3-5 days in our alcohol detox in Phoenix; however, if delirium tremens are present, it may require additional time to complete rehab. Rest assured, the sooner you enter treatment, the sooner you can walk out on the other side of detox ready to enter a treatment program and begin the first steps on the path to recovery. Every day you wait increases the risk that long-term drinking will cause irreversible damage to your brain, permanently impair your ability to make important decisions, and settle in to a lifestyle that is very difficult to break out of.

Coming to Terms With Alcoholism

It’s not an easy step to take responsibility for one’s actions and admit the need for help to overcome an addiction. Our intake administration can make the process more comfortable when you reach out to us for help. If you’re ready for change, call our alcohol detox in Phoenix right now- we’re able to take your call day or night.