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Alcohol Detox Phoenix AZ

It isn’t easy getting over an addiction. When you finally make the decision to stop drinking once and for all, it can be hard to do on your own. In fact, most people fail at detox when they try to do it on their own. You need the help and support of an experienced alcohol detox in Phoenix, AZ.

Alcohol Detox in Phoenix, AZ

An addition to alcohol affects the body and mind. Even though you may want to stop drinking it has a hold on you that is difficult to resolve. Detox is the way the body removes toxins and returns to normal without the need to rely on alcohol. Your body has become used to making compensations for alcohol in the system and once it is removed it will go through withdrawal.

Alcohol detox in Phoenix, AZ is often accomplished with medical assistance. Medical detox provides your body with some medical intervention to reduce the symptoms of withdrawal and to make the process easier. Any time you go through withdrawal it can be somewhat risky. It is best to have a professional to oversee the process and provide you with everything you need to make the situation as comfortable and tolerable as possible.

Detox generally lasts only up to a week depending on the amount and frequency of your alcohol use. While it may sound scary to go through withdrawal, it is much easier when you have supervision from a professional with experience in alcohol detox in Phoenix, AZ.

What to Expect During Detox

The detox process isn’t always easy but it will be much better when you face it with compassionate professional support. You may feel nausea and headaches and you might get the shakes. Some people experience hallucinations, although that isn’t as common. You might also have trouble sleeping and may feel anxious, depressed, confused or disoriented. Some people have muscle and joint pain during detox as the body rids the toxins from the cells.

Professionals will monitor your condition and keep you safe at all times. If you have a seizure or panic attack they will provide medical care to assist and protect you from harm. It is important to have access to medical care in case you suffer severe symptoms.

Beyond Detox

Detox is the first and most important step in recovery from alcohol addiction. Once you get through this difficult period you will be ready to get help to resolve the mental addiction to alcohol. This can be accomplished with a variety of methods and treatments that include customized plans that will be the most successful in your particular case.

Your whole life is waiting for you and all you need to do is take the first step. You can be free from addiction and lead an alcohol-free life. You will soon be able to create a new and healthier life that is happy and productive. Don’t do it alone. Contact us today for compassionate help in resolving your alcohol problem and regain control of your life.