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Aetna Alcohol Rehab Coverage

If you are an Aetna policyholder, you are entitled to a certain amount of Aetna alcohol rehab coverage. While there are still a lot of misconceptions about alcoholism in society, we are fortunate that insurance providers and healthcare specialists understand the problem. Therefore, you will find in many cases that seeking treatment for problems with alcohol addiction is viewed as a sign of weakness or as a sign that you’re somehow a bad person because of it. Actually, the opposite is true! It takes a lot of courage as an adult to ask for help with a problem that society tells you that you should be able to fix on your own, and how great it is that your Aetna insurance can pay for some or all of your rehab coverage!

The Truth About Alcohol Addiction

Because alcohol is legal, alcoholism is often seen as a not-so-serious problem. This, despite more than a hundred years of alcoholism awareness in America! The truth is that, despite alcohol being legal, it is highly addictive and is one of the most potent drugs in the world (alcohol is a drug!). Alcohol can do much worse than to make a fool out of an otherwise decent person. Alcohol destroys the brain and ravages just about every organ in your body. Over time, alcohol causes more irreversible damage than any other drug.

Take Advantage of Your Aetna Alcohol Rehab Coverage, Take Advantage

Aetna is by far one of the best health insurance providers in the nation when it comes to drug and alcohol treatment coverage. Depending on the nature of your policy, the amount that they cover can vary. However, even if you have to pay some of the costs out-of-pocket, you should still get the help you know you need. Your life is more important than a few dollars. After all, money is an object. Your life is sacred! You can and will earn the money back. You cannot get your life back, and alcohol will eventually take your life if you don’t get treatment!

Additionally, Phoenix has a vast wealth of resources for people seeking recovery from drugs. Here, people routinely fly in from all over the country and the world for alcohol and drug addiction treatment. For people who have financial burdens, there are all sorts of community resources available. We can help point you in the right direction, but you will have to do the legwork to find and obtain these resources.

If Your Aetna Alcohol Rehab Coverage isn’t Enough, there are Other Resources

There are free addiction and alcohol detox/rehab programs like at the Rescue Mission and the Salvation Army. Many of Phoenix’s churches take offerings each week to help people in need of alcohol detox and rehab. Your family might be able to help with the costs. There are countless non-profits and private charities that will help you. It’s just a matter of locating and securing these resources. If your Aetna alcohol rehab coverage isn’t enough to pay for your rehab costs, don’t let that stop you from getting the help you need!

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