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Addiction Rehab Centers in AZ

Welcome to Addiction Recovery Centers, a place that promotes freedom, health, personal responsibility, and spiritual growth! Compared to other rehab facilities, we have a different understanding of the process of substance rehab. Advanced substance addiction is incredibly destructive for all those involved, including the patient and the patient’s family and friends.

If you show signs of substance addiction, we invite you to visit our addiction rehab centers in AZ today! You have no time to waste because this is a progressive disease that will take control over your life fast. Finding an effective rehab treatment is a challenge in and of itself. Our rehab strategy combines the best of classical and modern medicine with innovative therapies for life-changing results.

The system we’re using comprises of three core strategies:

Detoxification and physical restoration

The detoxification process aims to stabilize your physiological functioning, correct your behavior, and flush the chemicals from your system. Following the initial clinical assessment, our doctors will prescribe a targeted medication plan as soon as you arrive at our facility. We advise you to join the inpatient rehab program, allowing our experts to provide 24/7 supervision, in case your condition is more volatile.

In parallel, our physicians and dietitians will devise an optimized physical recovery strategy consisting of better nutritional intake and regular physical exercises. The goal is to tackle malnutrition and provide the body with the necessary tools to recover and strengthen. At the same time, the sustained physical activity will promote a natural release of endorphins, allowing you to feel better, stronger, and more energetic throughout the day.

Mental, emotional, and spiritual recovery

Our addiction rehab centers in AZ rank among the most effective substance rehab facilities thanks to the variety of programs and the quality of the services. Here, we offer a well-rounded rehab experience that brings together a multitude of multi-disciplinary procedures. Here we include:

  • Dual-diagnosis treatment for addressing co-occurring disorders
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) dealing with negative thoughts and emotions
  • Emotional trauma therapy for those struggling with grief and loss
  • Individual and group therapy sessions
  • 12-Step support group meetings
  • Experiential and recreational therapies
  • Holistic healing (energy therapy, drumming, and rhythmic therapies, music, and art, etc.)
  • Outdoor, nature-centered activities, etc.

All these activities and procedures have one goal – promote introspection, healthy living, and happiness. When it comes to advanced forms of substance addiction, the treatment should always revolve around brain reprogramming. We will teach you how to enjoy life once more, as you become more socially active, positive, confident, and determined to pursue your dreams.

Long-term lifestyle changes

This is the core strategy that we’re using in our effort to prevent the relapse long-term. At our addiction rehab centers in AZ, you will learn vital tips on how to:

  • Avoid social triggers in the long run
  • Work towards a life-defining career
  • Adopt a healthier diet
  • Develop new passions and hobbies
  • Embrace a lifetime of sobriety and personal fulfillment
  • Keep evolving and becoming more mature and responsible, etc.

At Addiction Recovery Centers, we offer you the key to a better life. Take it and unlock the door to a new world!